WHITEBOARD – 1 April 2013


On the minute for 20 Minutes perform: 

10 Double-Unders
1 (*+1 or 2 reps each round ) Burpee
1  (*+1 or 2 reps each round) Medball Clean

*Add 1 rep to each movement with each successful round.  Add 2 reps to each movement with each failed round.

Notes: Post numbers for each round.  Who has the  willpower to never say no?

8 Responses to “WHITEBOARD – 1 April 2013”
  1. The Champ! says:

    sweet. I’ve been waiting for this one to come around again.

  2. Dedik says:



    Also, hellz yeah medball cleans. been waiting for these to come around.

  3. kevineleven says:

    20 Rounds Unbroken RX’d ( PR )

  4. kevineleven says:

    For real – Clean Pull to hang clean to power jerk – up to 200#
    Push PRess 3×3 200#

    8 rds 5 ring dips, 10 Pistol Squats

  5. Dara says:

    1 arm DB clean and press up to 40#, PR
    some deload at 30#
    3×3 DB push press at 30#, also PR

    8 rounds of 5 tricep push ups and 10 goblet squats, 50#

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  1. […] Notes: For the power section work up to a clean and relatively quick 3-4 sets.  A power jerk is a jerk where the feet stay inline of each other (land in a squat stance).  Once this complete perform 4 sets of 2 heavy push press.  Try to keep the bar the same through all 4 sets.  Aim for 5-10lbs+ last weeks:   https://beyultraining.com/2013/04/01/whiteboard-1-april-2013/ […]

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