WHITE BOARD – 08 April 2013



Clean + Power Jerk: Work up to a CLEAN 3-4 sets. *Add 5lbs from last week’s Clean Complex


Push Press: 4 sets of 2 – clean bar from floor *Add 5lbs from last week


5 Rounds of
8 Ring Dips
16 Pistols

Notes: For the power section work up to a clean and relatively quick 3-4 sets.  A power jerk is a jerk where the feet stay inline of each other (land in a squat stance).  Once this complete perform 4 sets of 2 heavy push press.  Try to keep the bar the same through all 4 sets.  Aim for 5-10lbs+ last weeks:   https://beyultraining.com/2013/04/01/whiteboard-1-april-2013/

9 Responses to “WHITE BOARD – 08 April 2013”
  1. Kevin Olds says:

    16 pistols? Is this pic your way of saying our ass is grass?

  2. Dedik says:

    5k recovery run from Saturday. Biggest pack I’ve ever faced in rugby and my body felt it. That said I somehow managed to get my best time on a 5k since my triahlon. Not breaking any records but for a “recovery run”…not too shabby.

    5k: 30:19 (9:38 pace)

  3. Dara says:

    85# clean and jerk, altho the jerk was really more of a push press
    my PR is 87# so I’ll take it

    75# push press

    WOD done
    tan band bar dips

  4. Brian says:

    200# hcj
    200# pp

  5. kevineleven says:

    up to 205# on Clean/Jerk and Push Press
    WOD complete + 8 ring dips

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