Tight Hips Mobility WOD


24 Back Squats (70%, 1 rep max from 27 JUNE 2011)

*Perform in as little sets as possible.  Try to complete all 24 in sets of 3-6.  DO NOT do more than 6 reps without setting the bar back down.

**Do not rest more than 30s in-between sets.

Notes: We have been here before.  Remember that there are two stipulations for today.  Do not go over 6 reps in a set, and try not to go over 30s rest.  Control the breathing and the movement.  Do not let the bar dictate how the work will be done, you are in control.

15 Responses to “WHITEBOARD – 26 JULY 2011”
  1. Olympic Lifting Club is on for Tuesday. Hope to see everyone there. We will be working to 1 rep maxes for both lifts followed by down sets of technique work to address individual weaknesses. Hope to see everyone there.

  2. Brennan says:

    225 for 3 x 6

  3. Hi Everyone,

    It looks like a NEw Hope Softball game was rescheduleed for tonight during our olympic lifting class. I was going to miss it, but it looks it would put the team down 1 player in the all too important playoffs. Let me know if next Tuesday August 2nd would work for everyone.

    If we do not have a good showing we will keep it tonight.

  4. David says:

    I’ll be on vacation all next week. I’ll set a session up with you when I get back.

  5. Hey Everyone,

    It looks like we are moving it to next week. Tuesday 6-8. I will be at the gym from 5:30-6:30 today if anyone wants to get some quick Snatch or Clean&Jerk work in. No class tonight but if you want to get some lifting in with me watching and won’t be able to make next week it could be a good idea.

    Thanks for everyone understanding.

  6. 1 rep, Dallas’ arm to counter.

    220.5 x4x6

  7. kemm says:

    180 4×6

  8. Brian says:

    180 4X6

  9. grzm (Michael) says:

    165# 4×6, 3:13

  10. Dedik says:

    202.5 4×6

  11. Dedik says:

    202.5 4×6


  12. Rock says:

    C and J’s with the D’s.
    Got up to 195, then the shoulder felt a little spicy.
    Need some major lax ball treatment.

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