WHITEBOARD – 14 July 2011



*Start your first set around 90% of your 1 rep max and try and hit a max for the day

Rest 5 minutes then:

10 Rounds of:

10 Kettlebell Swing (100/73lb bells)
2 Muscle-ups

NOTES: Only 13 more days till our next Olympic lifting seminar, I expect to see more of your faces out there. Change is driven through education!

For the push-press, make sure to keep your torso upright in the dip and drive. You want the bar to be incontact of your shoulders in the rack position. You are not supporting the bar in the hands people!

Take a look at all olympic quality lifters and they never jerk without a good rack…

9 Responses to “WHITEBOARD – 14 July 2011”
  1. grzm (Michael) says:

    120#, 125#, 130#, 135#, 137# (2# PR)
    skipped WOD, something hinky in my right shoulder.

  2. Kevin Olds says:

    165 175 190 200 210 ( PR by 25 )

    WOD 100 big red kettlebell swings – check
    1 Muscle-hang-up; 19 Muscle up attempts



  4. brian says:

    175 180 190 200 210(PR)

    9 Good MUs and 11 fails.

    shoulders feeling it.

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