5 Rounds of a Sandbag Complex or 15 minute cap:

10 Sandbag Shoulders (Left to Right)

10 Sandbag Lunges (Lunges perform w/sandbag on back)

10 Sandbag Shoulders (Right to Left)

10 Bear Hug Sandbag Squats

*Compare to 06 January 2011

Notes: There are video links for the shouldering movement and the lunge. You need to install Quicktime if you don’t have it as the Performance Menu only provides videos in that format.

For this workout, we don’t care much about the time or work completed, we want that sandbag heavy!  I suggest loading the sandbag inside and practicing the movement and finding what a heavy weight would be (Remember you don’t want form to be compromised, but you shouldn’t be repping out the movements fast).

Don’t be overly concerned with time on this one. I want everyone to take a little time before the workout and practice the movements and load the bags accordingly. I would recommend loading the bag and finding what a strenuous shouldering load would be for you, and then backing the weight down 15-20%. So, if I work up to a 50lb sandbag while practicing and I think “wow that is pretty hard to do once”, I will then drop back the weight  to 35-30lbs for the WOD.

See the notes from the original post:

“The time cap of 15 minutes is a firm cap for everyone!  Don’t think it only applies to the “newbies” on this workout.  Pick a challenging weight and if it carries you to the cap feel a sense of accomplishment.  Duration is not the only measurement of fitness…

There are three sandbag filler sizes (35, 15, 10lbs) and 3 sandbag sizes (large, medium, and small).  The max capacity for them is 160, 80, and 45.

PS – PLEASE don’t abuse the sandbags. We know it is fun to drop them, but try to bring them down under some control.”

6 Responses to “WHITEBOARD – 15 JUL 2011”
  1. Can’t believe today’s photo wasn’t of KD!

  2. Game day wod:

    105# bag

    3 rounds + 1 shoulder

  3. Brian says:

    5 Rounds 11:23

    50# bag picked the weight for the lunges(weakest link). They were hard.

    Doing all the lunges with weigh is a milestone for me. In the past, I was never able to do lunges even without any weight.

  4. grzm says:

    70# 2rds 10 2

  5. Kevin Olds says:

    90# 1rd + 10 + 10

    back issues starting to creep up again… have to stop slacking on my mobility work at home.

  6. Freddy says:

    50# bag, 5 rounds, 13:58

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