1 Mile Sandbag Carry (50% body weight)

Notes: Next Tuesday starts the cycle.  We will have 3 days of rest (Holiday included) and then we gradually pick the volume back up. 

Next Olympic Lifting Session is Tuesday July 26th 6-8.  Sign in on the whiteboard so we know how many we will have. 

Have a great Holiday everyone and try to enjoy some sun (if possible).

12 Responses to “WHITEBOARD – 1 JUL 2011”
  1. Rock says:

    Is NHF open on Monday? Regular hours?

    Enjoy the long weekend everyone!

  2. Mat says:

    is this OH or anyway possible?

  3. dara says:

    NHF open on Monday, think until 1pm…

    If you are around this weekend Chris we’d love to have you and the MRS over for cocktails. We can gossip about Dana and Dan behind their backs.

  4. Rock says:

    We are around all weekend, and would love to imbibe and gossip with you. Name and the time and place and we’ll be there. Thanks!


  5. Dedik says:

    Haha just saw the thread. Nice Chris.

  6. grzm says:

    100# (54% BW), 20:15 counter to stop sign to counter.

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