Back at it…again!

Hello Everyone,

Well the blog will be getting back to its roots as a training journal for myself. I am currently on an Olympic Lifting cycle (Bulgarian!), and I will be lifting heavy things and getting fat & happy!

I find it comical that I program a fatloss/muscle endurance period for the gym but somehow I finagle myself out of that and go on a pure olympic lifting cycle. Maybe this is why it’s not the best to be your own trainer – because you do things you like!

The Bulgarian Method in its simplest form is working the competition lifts (Snatch, Clean & Jerk) as often and as heavy as you can. My workouts will be either heavy or light. For the heavy days I will work up to my max for that day in the Snatch and Clean & Jerk and then move on to some strength work (heavy squats, Deadlift variations, and upper body pulling). On the light days I will either work the full olympic movements with sub-maximal weight or switch to the power variations of the movements. This allows for me to actively recover for my next training day, while at the same time hitting some technical work.

I have done this schedule for the last two weeks, and will be switching to a strength/power bias after this week.

So, that is my schedule for the next couple of weeks. I am looking forward to it and I hope to see a 225+ snatch & and a 280+ clean & jerk by the end of this.

On top of that, I am doing 30 days strict paleo (+ a little grassfed dairy). My diet had been going off the tracks a bit because I kept telling myself I could eat some junk because I wasn’t actively trying to loose weight. Well folks, unless you have great genetics or you want to gain a decent amount of fat during a weight gain cycle, then shitty food is not the way to go!

Two great books that will help me out with the eating (courtesy of my awesome wife):

Paleo Solution – By Robb Wolf (See the video below):

Cook with Jamie – Not a paleo cook book, but the recipes are simple and are pretty heavy in meat, veggies, and starchy tubers. You can modify a lot of the recipes to make them paleo friendly (No luck on the desserts however). Love the simplistic recipes & have been diving into it since yesterday.

I did a marinated grilled pork loin with a side of red cabbage from his book last night. Pretty damn tasty…even if it didn’t smell so good while cooking!

I will leave you on this very important lesson:

Bacon is to Tofu as Heaven is to Hell:

Mr. Bacon vs. Monsieur Tofu!

5 Responses to “Back at it…again!”
  1. Dedik says:

    I put the Paleo Solution on my Christmas List as soon as I heard it was coming out but I may not be able to wait that long haha.

  2. I can bring it in for you to look over. I am finishing up two other books, so I won’t be getting to it right away.

    If his book is anything like the seminar it will be a great resource.

  3. Dedik says:

    That would be great. Finally starting to feel comfortable with where my diet is so it’s always a help to trim where I can.

  4. Dara says:

    Good to see I’m not the only one working my way off the Paleo wagon..sugar started creeping in on a daily basis! But since we started the metcon cycle, I’ve only had one slip up…

    We should do Paleo potluck one night

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