Manic Mondays

Hello all,

Well the personal 30 day Paleo challenge went to a screeching halt with family coming over Saturday for a brunch celebration. It wasn’t pretty…

My Graduation Photo

So as a personal form of repentance I watched the Biggest Loser! The Mrs. DVR’ed it and I started to watch it with her last night and all I can say is the show is rubbish.

I am not irritated at the contestants as they are simply lost people looking for a solution. But, I can say I have a general hatred toward the show’s handling of the situation and the trainer’s methods of “motivation”.

Between Jillian Michael attributing her training process to “raising teenagers” and constantly looking like a turd is under her nose, I couldn’t find many redeeming factors about the show.

You smell something?

But, on the bright side it seems that the people who “get it” are slowly having an influence on the popular press (even though crap like biggest loser is still the norm).

The New York Times had a great article about a Doctor (Dr. Maring) getting it right. Dr. Maring has a strong belief that the battle ground for a healthier america starts in the kitchen. This is a sentiment that I believe strongly in, and find great respect for people such as Dr. Maring, Michael Pollan, Jamie Oliver, etc. who are focusing on quality food as the savior to our health.

Now, I may not always believe in what they deem as “quality” food, but I do share the base understanding that prevention of sickness will stem from an open understanding of a quality diet & how to implement it at home.

This article brings hope that more and more Doctors will start appreciating the benefits a quality diet can have on their patients. Too many times Doctors simply push the corrective medicine and forget about the preventative measures that can be made. Insulin is not a cure, Lipitor is not a cure, Warfarin is not a cure, these are simple aids.

Also, Dr. Maring is a gynecologist and obstetrician and former physician in chief at his hospital, yet he still finds time to cook and prepare is food. Think about that, this man can find time to do what most American’s deem as an inconvenience and something that is nearly impossible to do (Cook your damn food yourself and from natural food sources!).

If a former physician in chief can find time to become a foodie so can you!

I leave you with Jamie Oliver’s TED Speech (an oldie but a goodie):

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