WHITEBOARD – 13 September 2016


A1. Bent Hollow Hold: 3 sets of 12s*

A2. Cat-Cow: 10

B. Bench Press (Dumbell): 3 sets of 10 – ~60% 1 rep max or 20% barbell max


12 minutes of: On the Minute, Alternating Movement:

15 Double-Unders

12 Wallballs

*You can rest the remainder of the minute if you complete your work for that minute (Either 15 DUs or 12 Wallballs). If you don’t hit your volume, stop and move on.


Shoulder Extension Walks: 4 sets of 6

*If you feel these in your bicep, try going with a wider grip at first. Remember, mobility work should NOT be a max effort. It should be mildly uncomfortable. This movement should not pull in the bicep insertion.

2 Responses to “WHITEBOARD – 13 September 2016”
  1. Kevin Olds says:

    Still can’t use shoulder, so:

    4 rounds:

    12 Tuck-ups
    12 weighted lat pulls (resistance machine)


    3 rounds:
    800m run
    15 push-ups

  2. dedikdrfc says:

    45# on the bench press



    1 mile “fun” run:
    12ish minutes

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