WHITEBOARD – 22 June 2015


Back Squat: 3 Second pause in the bottom on first rep of all sets1 set
1 set of 5 – 50%
1 set of 5 – 55%
1 set of 5 – 60%
1 set of 3 – 65%
1 set of 10* – ~70% max 1 rep

*If you have more than 10 reps in this set go for a max rep set. BNe safe and smart with max reps!


6 Rounds of:
200m Run
20 Push-ups

5 Responses to “WHITEBOARD – 22 June 2015”
  1. kemm says:

    210 for 15

  2. Last real heavy day before meet on Sunday.

    Worked up to 275 and 319lb Snatch/Clean and Jerk. That gave me a 269k total for the day with no misses going up.

    Then Back squat up to 165kx2 reps and some ab work.

    Will stay relatively heavy with low volume up to the meet. Minimum goal is 4 out of 6 and a 260k + total.

  3. dedikdrfc says:

    Back Squat: 3 Second pause in the bottom on first rep of all sets1 set
    1 set of 5 – 200
    1 set of 5 – 220
    1 set of 5 – 240
    1 set of 3 – 260
    1 set of 17 – 280 (that was a grind. the most effort i’ve put towards squats in a long time. wanted 10-15 and was able to squeak out those last two reps. really really happy with that)


  4. Kevin Olds says:

    290# X 16

    WOD: 15:40

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