WHITEBOARD – 06 March 2014


Push Press: 1 rep max
*Go for PR if you have it


Bar Dips
Goblet Squats (1/5 BW)
Back Extensions (1 sec pause at top)

Notes: For the second part, make sure your glutes are fired while holding the pause.  You should be initiating the pull upwards of the back extension by clenching your glutes first.  If you don’t have your glutes on and you are in the top position you are thrashing your back.

Post questions.

3 Responses to “WHITEBOARD – 06 March 2014”
  1. dedikdrfc says:

    Push Press:
    250# (20# PR)

    I skipped the second part because of rugby. This week is proof the training is working.

  2. dARA says:

    push press 95#. PR. and yet somehow a disappointment. failed twice ta 97#

    added 250m row between sets
    tan band bar dips
    30# goblet

  3. Kevin Olds says:

    235# push press ( and I believe PR )
    WOD complete

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