WHITEBOARD – 28 September 2012


Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:

  • 5 burpees
  • 5 thrusters (M:135#/W:95#)
  • 5 chest to bar pull-ups

Notes: Workout comes courtesy of Crossfit Oneworld.  Have fun.  Be careful to try and not over grip the pull-up bar and cause some nasty rips.  You want a firm grip on the initial pull but you should have a slight release of the grip during the  “weightless” sensation stage.

In other news, this happened:

14 Responses to “WHITEBOARD – 28 September 2012”
  1. Dara says:

    5 rounds.
    green band pull ups; 50# thrusters

    When did thrusters get so hard?

  2. Dedik says:

    Ilya is an animal.

  3. Dedik says:

    To go along with the burly men dancing oddly theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YpV1_-gQ38

  4. Brian says:

    6 +3 burpies

  5. There was a burly looking man wearing a striking tank-top in the room today. Does anyone want BeyulTraining tanks?

    Did a little push pressing, light squatting, snatch technique work, abs & russian curls.

    Video of me working on being more patient and getting the bar into my hip crease before fully extending the hip. I think it felt better.

  6. Dedik says:

    6 rounds + 5 burpees + 1 thruster


    I cant remember the last time I wore a tank top…

  7. Chris says:

    7 rounds beatches!!!

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