WHITEBOARD – 29 February 2012


Max Effort Bench Press 


Mobility WOD of your choice 

Notes: How are your legs feeling?  Be smart and hit some good tissue work (Foam Roller, lacrosse balls, etc) and really beat up on the quads, inner legs, and IT band.  Check the mobility wod out for a good one that was recently posted for benching.  Have fun kiddos.

5 Responses to “WHITEBOARD – 29 February 2012”
  1. LT says:

    The only reason I would sire another offspring would be so I could name him Carlton.

  2. Brian says:


    295#F 290#F

    Was good to have kemm back for a day.

  3. Freddy says:


    15lb PR since my last recorded one which was actually May, 2011.

  4. grzm (Michael) says:

    185#, 15# off my PR.
    then did 2 x 4 x 165#, 10 x 135#

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