WHITEBOARD – 29 November 2011


10 Rounds of:
2 Handstand Push-ups
8 Kettlebell Swings (100/75lbs)

Immediately after complete:

50 Knees-to-Elbows
*Everytime you release from the bar perform 3 Burpees

Notes: Cap 10 rounds for the Knees-to-elbows. If you are looking for a substitution for the handstand think either skill for the handstand or a strict press movement. Partial Handstand presses, Handstand negatives, handstand holds, or strict dips, or heavy dumbbell presses.

7 Responses to “WHITEBOARD – 29 November 2011”
  1. Dedik says:

    first day swinging big red in quite sometime…

  2. grzm says:

    5 rounds, handstand negatives
    50 burpees

  3. Dedik says:

    As Rx’d:


  4. kemm says:

    9:48 for first part
    19:08 total

  5. Kevin Olds says:

    part 1 9:59
    part 2 10:40

    15 10 10 10 5
    12 burpees

  6. The Champ says:

    There’s a new Champ in town…

    12:42 with 2 pood

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