What we are and how we go about making ourselves better.

Hello Everyone,

Another year has passed, and it reminds me of how indebted I am to you all.

It is an honor, that many of you trust my programming and ramblings enough to follow them daily and to see how they will impact your life.

Per the norm, I lay out the structure of the upcoming year of programming and what goals they are aimed for.

So, who should do the programming? Someone looking for a generalist program, that aims to build a competent athlete across multiple domains.

We do push barbells around, but not solely, and not without a thought to how prepared our bodies are to do so.

I believe in periodization (changing the focus of your training, to mitigate injury risk and stagnation), and I believe in doing the movements well.

You will see little to no barbells in the beginning of the year, with high volume training in pretty basic movements. Less interval work in the conditioning/workout sessions. The first 4 months of the year are to  build your muscular endurance, develop consistency in doing the mobility/connective tissue conditioning and make your basic movement patterns concrete.

The mid 4 months of the year, will be heavy in traditional barbell movements (Linear ones: Squat, deadlift, barbell press, bench, etc), and you will start seeing more interval work within the conditioning. Mid intensity and mid volume.

The last 4 months of the year will see the volume lower, but the intensity increase. The complexity of the movements increase (Snatch, Cleans, Handstand progressions, ring work, etc), and we will be looking to peak the athlete for new personal records or movements they would not have been able to do the year prior.

At this stage of programming, I have become humble in the way I train and the way I ask others to train. I am not reinventing a wheel. I borrow heavily from people who see huge volumes of athletes, and can flesh out quickly what works and doesn’t. I steal from them, and give them credit through the links and notes as much as I can.

One note before closing, please think twice about skipping the warm-up/prehab work before the “workout”. This work is critical, and I would argue it is the most important part of the workout for long term health and performance. This tedious and detailed work will condition your connective tissue appropriately and make sure you are in position for the “sexier” movements later on down the road.

Good luck, and if you are looking for something other than what we offer here just let me know and I can point you in the right direction.

Good luck and thank you again.

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