WHITEBOARD – 21 April 2015


On the minute for 15 Minutes 1 Clean perform: 
Reps 1-5: 77%
Reps 6-10: 81%
Reps 11-15: 84%

*After your 15 rep you can move forward and try to hit more. Only do this if you hit all or almost all of your reps. Keep bumping up as you hit successful lifts. You can ignore the 1 minute clock at this point.

5 Rounds of: 
Row 500m
*Rest 60s and Repeat

Notes: With the max squat and the heavy cleans today it will be a pretty rough two days for some. Try to get in the rhythm with the cleans and see what comes out of it.

Make sure to hit the slow, low intensity cardio tomorrow as it will help with recovery significantly.  Enjoy.

2 Responses to “WHITEBOARD – 21 April 2015”
  1. kemm says:

    135 145 150
    1:45 1:50 1:55 1:55 1:52

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