WHITEBOARD – 10 March 2015


A. Complex: Clean halting Deadlift (2) + Hang Clean (1): Work up to 6 sets at 75% max clean.

*Clean halting deadlift is the first pull of the clean but you stop just shy of full extension. Your chest should stay over the bar with the weight balanced in your feet. Check out Catalyst Athletics for a demo.


B. 4 Sets of:
Stiff Legged Dumbbell Deadlift: 15
1 Rope Climb


C. 4 Sets of 10 Glute Ham Sit-ups

Notes: Section B. is done with minimal to no rest. C. is done with rest inbetween sets. Do weighted sit-ups for anyone that has a tendency to hyper extend, have really tight hip flexors, or isn’t at the level to handle glute-ham sit-ups.

5 Responses to “WHITEBOARD – 10 March 2015”
  1. Kevin Olds says:

    Complex: 225# 235# 240# 225# 225# 225#
    WOD RX’d 65# Dumbbells

  2. grzm says:

    Complex: 65 65 85 85 105 105
    25#, failed on 3rd rope climb
    40 situps

  3. dedikdrfc says:

    Complex: 225# 235# 240# 225# 225# 225#
    WOD: Done 35# Dumbbells

    GHD situps done.

  4. Good to see some posts again. Congratulations P. Maybe see you guys on Thursday for a lunch workout.

  5. kemm says:

    Complex: 115#
    WOD: 50#

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