WHITEBOARD – 22 September 2014


A. Back Squat: 5×5
*Same as last week.


B1. Every 90s for 8 Rounds:
25m Sled Push (135/80)
10 One Arm KB Snatches (55/35lbs)


3 Rounds of:
36s Plank Hold (Exaggerate shoulder forward and protracted – Rounded upper back)
36s Hollow Body Hold (No Rock – If difficult and spine leaves ground please scale down to a tucked hollow hold. Feet on ground under knees.

Remember for the squats if you have felt good and your current goals align with pushing the weight up, increase the weight.  If not, keep low or message me. If you have pushed the weight up recently keep it the same for at least 4 weeks before bumping up again.

One Response to “WHITEBOARD – 22 September 2014”
  1. Dara says:


    WOD complete.
    sub 35# one arm KB swings after consultation with LT to save my shoulder
    80# sled push is a PR

    4 rounds of 30s cause it was on the board and I didn’t remember the post

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