BLACKBOARD – 11 August 2014


A. Back Squat: 4×5 + 1×7
*SAME weight as last week


B1. On the minute for 8 Minutes:
100m Run
5 Goblet Clean (Full Squat Catch) to Overhead – (1/5 BW)


3 Rounds of:
24s Plank Hold (Exaggerate shoulder forward and protracted – Rounded upper back)
24s Hollow Body Hold (No Rock – If difficult and spine leaves ground please scale down to a tucked hollow hold. Feet on ground under knees.

Squats.  Same as last week but the fifth set should be a set of 7 Ok, this obviously should only occur if the 5×5 was feeling better as the weeks went along before. If you don’t feel confident on the last set of 6, just hit the 5 again.

If you hit the set of 7 and it feels pretty confident REMEMBER that.

For the gymnastic work after the on the minute bull, it is lower rounds and higher working time this go around. Please take notice.

Any injuries to note after the first month of our cycle? Who likes the repetitive nature of this? Who doesn’t? Why?

7 Responses to “BLACKBOARD – 11 August 2014”
  1. dara says:

    Makes it easier to kinda know what to do when I travel.
    Goblet squat sub? In another hotel

    • Dara says:

      Wait! I have a smith machine!

      • No fucking smith machine. Just do weighted goblet squats with a ton of control and pacing. Hit the real squats when you are back in this week.

        For the second part 8x30s treadmill sprint with 45s rest in between and then move on to 5 sets of 6 controlled push-ups and superset with weighted lunges (10 each set).


  2. Kevin Olds says:

    Worked up to 250#x4x5 + 250#x1x7 as 300# left me a bit stiff for a while last time.

    WOD 100m + 5 x 5
    100m missed cleans of round 5,
    100m + 4
    100m + 3 x 2

    Although I haven’t been here the entire month I am liking this new cycle, and don’t mind the repetitiveness. Also like that we are a little more focused on gymnastic movements as my goal was not to be a power lifter per se.

    My Right forearm has a slight tweak that is due to my own stupidity when doing floor press – trying to get too much weight up on my own. As a result I don’t really have a rack position right now. hopefully this will pass soon.

  3. dedikdrfc says:


    Completed 4 rounds as rxed. Had to do the next 4 rounds with an extra 30 seconds of rest each.

    Done unbroken.

    I also like the repetitive nature of the programming as it gives you something to focus on knowing that you are going to see the same movement again. Knee not tracking right in the squat? Work on it and focus on that next week. Not locking the arms on a snatch? Focus on that next week. The heavy weight mixed with sprints has been really beneficial for me seeing as rugby season starts next week.

    No major injuries to report but I have noticed that my legs have been super super tight after the Monday squat sessions. That just boils down to me being lazy and not stretching the night of.

  4. Dara says:

    All I’m sayin is that the big football dude in the gym was using the smith machine

    for whatever reason I did 5-6-7-8-9-10 pause squats, 60#
    push ups and 20# DB lunges. those were some text book push ups if I say so myself

    mobility…OMG, my back is killing me in that hollow rock

  5. 300x5x3 sets
    Shoulder dislocates w/10lbs: 10×4 sets

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