BLACKBOARD – 05 August 1014


A1. Perform the following wave cycle:
3 Snatches (70% 1 rep max)
2 Snatches (72.5%)
1 Snatch (75%)

3 Snatches (72.5% 1 rep max)
2 Snatches (75%)
1 Snatch (80%)

3 Snatches (75% 1 rep max)
2 Snatches (80%)
1 Snatch (82.5%)


B1. 800m Jog (65% effort)


B1. Every 90s for 6 Rounds: 200m Sprint *At original 200m pacing


C1. Cool down Bike or Row for 8 minutes (65% effort)

Notes: A lighter week is upon us.  Due to this the snatch percentages are down.  Take this opportunity to make sure you are hitting each snatch and riding them down to the appropriate catch level.  It is preferable that as you get better at the movement that you catch the bar at the same weight no matter what the load is on the bar.  You don’t want to power 50% to then have to figure out what the mechanics are to catch in a full squat at 90% of your max.

For the runs, it is 1 less 200m than the last couple of weeks.  Also, try to hit the splits at the top of your range.  So, if last week you ran the splits anywhere from 50s-45s, try to make all of the 49-50s.  Make the deviation less and keep it a little easier.

One Response to “BLACKBOARD – 05 August 1014”
  1. dedikdrfc says:

    First day back after a 2 day rugby tournament so i decided to forego the running.

    Snatch Waves
    1. 160-165-170
    2. 165-170-180
    3. 170-180-185

    Proceeded to singles:


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