BLACKBOARD – 15 July 2014


A1. Perform the following wave cycle:  
3 Snatches (75% 1 rep max)
2 Snatches (78%)
1 Snatch (82%)

3 Snatches (78% 1 rep max)
2 Snatches (82%)
1 Snatch (85%)

3 Snatches (82% 1 rep max)
2 Snatches (85%)
1 Snatch (88%)


B1. 800m Jog (65% effort)


B1. Every 90s for 7 Rounds: 200m Sprint


C1. Cool down Bike or Row for 8 minutes (65% effort)

Notes: For the wave get your five loads mapped out before you start.  Rest approximately 1 minute between sets with additional rest after your singles back down to the triples.  You shouldn’t have any misses, unless you have a brain fart and mess up technically.  If you are getting misses lower the max you are basing this off of.

Are your goals clear?

Are your goals clear?

5 Responses to “BLACKBOARD – 15 July 2014”
  1. kevineleven says:

    Did last Tuesday’s WOD.
    sprints all under 1 minute

  2. Dara says:

    Version of last Tuesday’s too. Plus some cuban press and weighted sit ups

    6x200m ‘sprints’. Am I the only person who can’t walk, or sit down, or feel their legs in general?

  3. LT says:

    Hb back squat up to 150×5
    Rack Jerk up to 150×1 PR
    Clean deadlift up to 150×5

  4. dedikdrfc says:

    Only had enough time to do the Snatch waves

    Wave 1:

    Wave 2:

    Wave 3:

    There were a couple fails in there because the posterior chain was smoked and most of these were power because my legs/ass/back were so tight i couldnt get under quick enough.

  5. Dara says:

    Did this one today and apparently this cycle will be called ‘Where the eff did my snatch go?’

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