WHITEBOARD – 10 April 2014


A1. Clean Pull (1) + H. Clean (1) + Front Squats (2) + Split Jerk (1) – Build to crisp 1 set max
*Deload to 85% – 3 sets of 2


5 Rounds of:
8 Shoulder Width Bench Presses (65% 1 Rep Max)
15 Toes to Bar


4 Rounds of: 
400m Run
*Rest 60s & repeat

Notes: Same complex as last two weeks but with 1 less Front Squat and an addition of a jerk at the end.  The jerk will most likely be the limiting factor.  Make sure you work up to a weight were the form stays consistent.  Once it deviates go down.

B1, just get the volume in.  Be smart and if your set of 8 gets heavy put the bar on the rack and make the 8 a cluster set (Example: 4 reps, rest 5 seconds, 4 more reps)

C1 – This shouldn’t be full intensity 400s.  You only get 60s rest, so walk if you can inbetween.  I want you doing this about 10% faster than your mile time.  So, if you can run a 8 minute mile, this would give you a 2 minute split (120s).  We would look to take 10% off of this time (12s) giving us a 108s (1 minute and 48s) 400m time to repeat.

Kramli knows the 400m marker.


One Response to “WHITEBOARD – 10 April 2014”
  1. Complex, 185, 225, 255, 275 (f – j), 280 (f jerk), 280 (f jerk), 255×2 – That didn’t go well. Shows you how my leg strength is lagging.

    Bench: Done with 185

    C: Done

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