WHITEBOARD – 07 April 2014


A1. Back Squat – 3 sets of 5 (80% 1 Rep Max)


B1. 5 Rounds of: 
10 Pistols (Total)
8 Ring Dips

C1. On the Minute perform: 
Minute 1: 10 Burpees
Minute 2: 10 Wallballs (+3 Reps each cycle – STOP at round of 28)

Notes: The back squats are slightly heavier than last week but 3 sets instead of 5.  Should be doable, just not amazingly pleasant.  Part B, is for strength so rest 60-90s between rounds. Add weight to the movements if you want.

For C, you have 1 minute to complete 10 burpees.  Once you get done your 10 burpees you can rest the remainder of that minute.  The second minute will be 10 wallballs.  You repeat this cycle, but the wallballs go up 3 every cycle.  So it looks like (10/10, 10/13, 10/16, 10/19. 10/22, 10/25, 10/28).

The workout is done after round 10/28 (7th round).  If you fail to get your work done anywhere drop the reps of the wall ball down to 10/10 and finish your sets (7 total).

Congratulations to LT!  He came in Bronze in the heavyweight class.  Photo is courtesy of Christine’s FB page.  Way to go! I believe his final numbers were 99/137, but he took an epic stab at 147 on his third attempt.


5 Responses to “WHITEBOARD – 07 April 2014”
  1. Dara says:

    Awesome job LT!

    Did 6×2 squats at 90ish%
    135×1, 140×4, 145×1

    pistols and neutral grip push ups

    Part of Dan’s AM class which was kettlebells and push ups

  2. LT says:

    Thank you to everyone for all the support and well wishes.

    I knew I was going to get beat in the snatch, I was trying to wrench as many kilos as I could to stay close

    94 — good lift
    97 — good lift comp PR
    99 — good lift lifetime and comp PR

    I was in fifth place after the snatch and 5 kilos down to the stiffest competition. I was also heavier than him by a pound so if we tied he would win on bodyweight. So I essentially needed to beat him by 6 kilos in the C+j. I was way down to some guy that snatched 110. However, he was opening his clean and jerked at 120 so I knew he wasnt a factor. He ended up @ 120 c+j. Which is ridiculous to have that kind of spread. Does he even squat? Anyway, my closest competitor opened at 125 for a hard but good lift, then moved to 130. That was the opener I called for, but I moved to 131 to force his hand. He also moved to 131. I made mine easily. He missed his second attempt. But then came back and hit the third. So I needed to hit 137 for the 6 kilo advantage and the win. I smoked 137. Bronze was secured by 1 kilo. I had a 16 kilo gap for silver because the second place guy had me on bodyweight and hit 114 snatch. I called for 147 for the silver and missed.

    130 — good lift
    137 — good lift
    147 — miss

    236 comp PR total
    Bronze medal national masters super heavy.

  3. Ice water in your veins LT. That is an epic 137 under pressure. I saw the 99 and 137 video that Christine posted and smoked both. Proud to lift with you occasionally.

  4. Back Squat: 335x5rx3s

    Pistols & Rings done.

    Part 3: reached 10/22. failed at 25. Did 10/10, 10/16 to finish.

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