Back Squat:  5 sets of 5 at 105% 5s done on 04FEB2014

*If you did not hit 3 rep maxtwo weeks ago perform 3 rep max.


10 Rounds of:
5 Strict Push-ups (Elbows at 90 degrees while chest& thighs touch the ground)
5 Pistols (Each leg)
5 Deadhang Pull-ups


8 Intervals:
Tabata Row (20s on, 10s off)

Couch Stretch & Soft Tissue Work : Work the anterior hip opener first and then do ball smash work to the quad, focusing on the VMO (vastus medialis oblique).

Here is a good example from Kelly S:


Notes: Have fun kiddos and take care of those tissues.

3 Responses to “WHITEBOARD – 11 FEB 2014”
  1. Dara says:

    5×5 at 125#
    missed last rep of 4th set

    7 rounds of WOD (short on time)
    blue band pull ups
    MOD pistols

  2. dedikdrfc says:

    5×5: 300#

    Pushups: Strict
    Pistols: Started on a 45# plate, moved to a 25# plate. Figured out why my has been feeling wonky…
    Pullups: 2 rounds done on blue band, remaining done with green band. Womp womp.

    Tabata Row: 902m

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