WHITEBOARD – 07 February 2013


Front Squat: Crisp 3 rep max (w/2s pause at bottom)

*Deload to 80% and perform 4setsx3reps


6 Rounds:
3 Snatch Deadlifts (80% front squat load)
6 Inverted Rows
9 Full Extension KB Swings (70/55lbs)

Rest 2 minutes then perform: 

10 Minutes Turkish Get-up Work: Build up to a confident max on both arms.  Use the full 10 minutes and hit enough reps to feel like some solid work was done within the movement.

Notes: PAUSE front squats… 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, UP!  These are meant to be done with proper positioning the whole time.

The overall theme to remember for the Turkish Get-ups are to pace and find the balance through-out the movement.  This is a decent video from an RKC instructor:


All reps should be done with confidence and balance.  As soon as you feel like you can’t move your body or the bell into the proper position that is your fail point.

6 Responses to “WHITEBOARD – 07 February 2013”
  1. Dara says:

    Hotel. Missed post
    5×10 goblet squat at 50#
    3×8 split squat each side, 20# DBs

    then 1 min sprint, 1 min thrusters starting with 2 reps, increasing by 2 reps each round until you can’t complete the round in a minute. got up to 16 thrusters, 20# DBs

    then yoga class

  2. Kevin Olds says:

    250# x 3
    WOD @ 11 min 200# deadlifts

    Skipped drop sets and get-up due to:
    – Time contraints
    – Not having worked out in a week
    – Not wanting to drop shit on my head again

  3. Hang Snatch: worked up to 210 and felt horrible. Back down to 185 and went up to 240. Took a crack at 250 and failed.

    Front Squat: worked up to a single at 345.

    Some curls and stuff to finish. Body is tired and crying out for a deload week.

  4. LT says:

    Worked up to openers for Sunday:
    Snatch up to 90
    Clean + jerk up to 130

  5. LT says:

    Raider masters invitational
    96 miss
    96 ties lifetime and sets competition PR
    137 lifetime and competition PR
    140 barely got forward in the rack and crumbled me.

    This was the first meet I didn’t feel good and had to seriously buck-up.

    233 is a competition PR. Gold.

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