WHITEBOARD – 17 January 2013


Front Squat: Build to a crisp 3 rep max

*Deload to 80% and perform 4 additional sets.


8 Rounds:
100m Shuttle (50 out, 50 in)
1 Clean + 5 Thrusters (1/2 BW)

Rest 5-8 minutes then perform: 

10 Minutes Turkish Get-up Work: Build up to a confident max on both arms.  Use the full 10 minutes and hit enough reps to feel like some solid work was done within the movement.


Notes: “A CRISP 3 rep max”.  We want speed and the same receiving positioning as a deep clean.  For the Turkish Get-up use the time wisely and hit the right positions.  If this is your first go around with the movement please find someone that is good at executing it.

The overall theme to remember for the Turkish Get-ups are to pace and find the balance through-out the movement.  This is a decent video from an RKC instructor:


All reps should be done with confidence and balance.  As soon as you feel like you can’t move your body or the bell into the proper position that is your fail point.

2 Responses to “WHITEBOARD – 17 January 2013”
  1. AM: Back Squat: Worked up to 345×5.

    PM: Clean & Jerk: 300×1
    Clean: 310×1
    Clean Pull 385×1, 315x2x2
    Front Squat: 325×1

  2. LT says:

    Worked up to a 2 rep hang power clean + jerk @ 280#

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