WHITEBOARD – 27 September 2013


Muscle Clean to Press: Work to 1 Rep Max


On the minute perform: 
1 Muscle Clean + 3 Presses (60% max for the day)
*The remainder of the minute perform burpees
**Continue this cycle until you hit 80 burpees

Notes: If you have any questions please post them.  A muscle clean is the same as a power except you do not re-bend to catch.  If you are new to the movement practice with a lighter weight and don’t worry about hitting a max.  Get a good amount of sets in that make your sweat and pick a 3 rep weight that you feel confident in for the second part.

My biggest advice for burpees is to think of them as a traditional cardiovascular movement.  Find a pace, just like running, rowing, biking, that you can control confidently and plug away.  Focusing on your form and pace during these types of movements can make you focus away from the pain.  2Check out the mobility WOD description of what you want with the burpee:


A burpee should not resemble a small seizure.  Control you movement at all times!

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