WHITEBOARD – 06 June 2013


Bench Press – Build to a heavy set of 3.  Then 5×85%, 5×75% (Add 5-10% from last set of 5 done on 30MAY2013).


On the minute perform: 
1 Dumbbell hang clean to overhead (Add 1 rep every minute).

*Stop once you fail to reach the reps within a minute.  THE CLEAN is caught or ridden down into a SQUAT.  You can thruster the dumbbells, jerk, press, or push press them to get them to lockout.
*Use 1/5 Barbell Press 1 Rep max.

Notes: The row shouldn’t be 100%.  I would imagine many people are having issues walking, so use it to loosen up and get the hips working.

4 Responses to “WHITEBOARD – 06 June 2013”
  1. bmaguire says:

    1 arm or 2 arms together or alternating r to l?

  2. Dara says:

    5×10 DB press, up to 35#
    15# DB
    10 rounds + 9 on round 11
    my legs got tired fast

  3. kevineleven says:

    Bench : 275×3 235×3 205×3
    WOD : 9 rounds + 2

  4. bmaguire says:

    Bench : 275×3 235×3 225×3
    WOD : 9 rounds + 1

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