WHITE BOARD – 12 March 2013



Power Snatch (1) to Hang Snatch (1): Work up to a max and make sure you hit 4 sets within 90% max.


L-seat Pull-ups: 6 sets of 4  


10 Double-Unders
5 Clean and Presses
20 DUs
5 C&P
30 DUs
5 C&P
40 DUs
5 C&P
50 DUs
5 C&P
60 DUs
5 C&P
70 DUs
5 C&P
80 DUs
5 C&P

*KB approximately 1/4 1 rep barbell press weight.

Notes: For the Snatch complex make sure the first one is a POWER from the FLOOR and the second is a HANG and to a FULL Squat. You want to make sure you are hitting your positions in each lift.  The bar isn’t put on the ground between reps. 

You can mix the sets of L-Seats into the Snatch work. If you do not have a L-Seat pull-up perform 6 sets of 4 standard with 10s L-seat holds to follow.

5 Responses to “WHITE BOARD – 12 March 2013”
  1. Dara says:

    Glad I missed. Did mix of bent over rows, straight leg deadlifts, towel pull ups (rope climb sub) and handstand holds

    Bench for Boobs is on Facebook

    August 18. Keep the date open. I already heard one prediction of a 405lb lift

  2. bmaguire says:

    Good article. Squats will make you or some people faster. Would love the see the study of sprint speeds immediately after doing squats. http://sportsnutritioninsider.insidefitnessmag.com/4808/soccer-players-to-squat-or-not-to-squat

    • Shocking that people could ever think squatting doesn’t benefit soccer players, especially women.

      215 on the 1+1 snatch complex. It took a couple shots but I made it.

      Pull-ups done.

      Workout done with 1.5pood. 171 consecutive Double-Unders to finish.

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