WHITE BOARD – 26 February 2013



Power Snatch (1) to Hang Snatch (1): Work up to a max and make sure you hit 4 sets within 90% max.


Ring Pull-ups: 5 sets of 5 – Weight them if able. 


4 Rounds of:
15 Kettlebell Swing : (70/55)
20 Death March (DBs are 1/5 bodyweight each)

Notes: For the Snatch complex make sure the first one is a POWER from the FLOOR and the second is a HANG and to a FULL Squat.  I will post a video of the movement once I do the workout in the AM.  You want to make sure you are hitting your positions in each lift.  The bar isn’t put on the ground between reps.  A big mistake we see is a varying hang position.  Make sure you pick one hang position (high, mid-thigh, or under-knee) and make sure it does not deviate from rep to rep. 

If you don’t have ring pull-ups perform standard pull-ups banded.  These are STRICT.  If you have a strict muscle-up work the false grip on all reps/sets and get the rings to tap the chest.  This should mimic the deadhang muscle-up.

8 Responses to “WHITE BOARD – 26 February 2013”
  1. Dara says:

    65# snatch complex
    tried 67#. got the power, missed the hang. several times

    sub pull ups, blue band

    WOD complete
    25# DB death march

  2. LT says:

    Snatch pull + snatch up to 205#
    Clean pull + clean up to 286#

  3. kevineleven says:

    Snatch Complex : 135# 145# 155# X 1
    165# x 4

    Pullups unweighted

    WOD : 2 rounds 45# DB, 2 rounds 40# DB

  4. Dedik says:

    8x200m sprints

    averaged :45 – :49 per sprint. 10 seconds less each time on the rest

    1000 row: 4:03

  5. Brian says:

    In Boston

    20 minutes EMOM

    Odd minute
    4 hand stand push-ups

    Even minute
    5 185# cleans

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