WHITEBOARD – 22 February 2013


On the minute for 15 Minutes perform:
5 Burpees
Max reps Thruster (135/90lbs)

Notes:  The goal of the workout is to hit as many thrusters as you can.  You have to stop what you are doing at the beginning of EVERY minute and perform 5 burpees before moving on to the thrusters.  This is a modified version of a Crossfit Football testing workout “Kalsu” . 

Does anyone have 100 in them?  Personally I am thinking 75 for my chubby self. 

On a happier note, I am VERY happy with the progress of everyone lately.  Let’s all knock on wood and see if we can stay healthy as a collective group. 

We had Dara hit a PR clean with a couple pounds over 100, and then a PR single arm dumbbell snatch if I am not mistaken.  Then, old man Kramli has hit a string of PRs in the snatch first beating a 2 year old PR of 165 with a 170 snatch last week and then surpassing it with a 175 hang power snatch this week.  Brian hit a 300lb backsquat at the end of the cycle to finally bring his squat above his press, and this is no small feat if you know Brian’s knees.  Kevin hit a 55lb PR in the backsquat with a 405lb squat, this is after nearly killing himself with the barbell and squat rack the day prior.  All-in-All I think the last cycle was rather successful, but what do you all think? This was obviously a little more actuely driven in its goals and you saw more repetition than you are probably used to.  Let me know if you like this acute and driven cycles more than the larger ones which real more “random”.

7 Responses to “WHITEBOARD – 22 February 2013”
  1. Dara says:

    This last cycle was super successful!

    I also hit a snatch PR, KB swing PR, 800m run PR, multiple 2000m row PRs (8:51 down to 8:42)and multiple 1000m row PRs (4:11 down to 4:06). And while being on the road 2-3 days a week.

    I’ll take more of that.

  2. matldc says:

    I second the acute cycle .. didnt hit all the workouts but notables for me were a 15# increase in my C&J, a 10# increase in my squat. May not seem like a lot but have been sticking points for me for probably a year to so.

  3. bmaguire says:

    What I liked about the cycle…

    The design pattern used was predicable on the days of doing what on a general sense but offered some levels of randomness and surprise.

    It focused on the core movements on a max and rep level.

    The movement progression was good. Going from squats to pulls.

    Wednesday active rest definitely prevents injury and helps with recovery.

    The single arm/leg isolation parts of the Wods were good… pinpoints the weak arms/legs.

  4. bmaguire says:


    few rounds of 5s, then went to 3s,2s, and a couple 1s.

  5. Dara says:

    Among other things today:
    2000m row
    8:38 at 2:09.6 pace PR

    This means I have met part A of my endurance goal for 2013 (2000m row at 2:10 pace)
    Part B happens next week

  6. Dara says:

    WOD complete
    50# thrusters

    Admittedly I took this one easy, giving about 10s rest each round to keep a steady pace but not blow up.

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