WHITEBOARD – 8 November 2012


Clean: Work up to heavy single. 


Complex: 1 Clean + 3 Front Squats – Perform complex on the minute for 10 minutes at 75% max clean


2 Minutes in a Handstand. 

Notes:  If you start to fail at the complex lower the weight as the rounds progress.  I would prefer you to suck it up and hit your reps, as 75% should be doable.  For the handstand holds, try to progress your movement (wherever that may be).  Can you hold for 1 minute at a time?  Think about pushing the weight from hand to hand, or trying to get your toes to come away from the wall 1 inch.  Piked Handstand? Do 1/4 of the time in a handstand hold position that is a little more challenging, then go back to your comfortable position.   We should always be playing at the edge of where control and discomfort meet.  You want to challenge yourself and you won’t do that in a safe place, but you also need to know that progress comes from slow progression. 

Lets make a fine brisket out of everyone and get some slow roasting going! 


12 Responses to “WHITEBOARD – 8 November 2012”
  1. Dara says:

    Missed the post so did snatch drops and snatch:
    3×3 snatch drops then 15 minutes of snatch work – 10 minutes of 2 snatch every minute and 5 minutes of 1 snatch (heavier) every minute

  2. Dedik says:

    The picture today is making me incredibly hungry…

  3. Dedik says:

    Hatch Cycle Week 1 Day 2

    Back Squat:
    1*10 204
    1*8 221
    1*8 238
    1*8 255

    Front Squat:
    1*5 186
    1*5 201.5
    1*5 217
    1*5 217

    Hurt worse than day 1. The fatigue was noticeable in each set, but it’s done.

  4. bmaguire says:

    205 clean

    155# complex

    two rounds:

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