WHITEBOARD – 3 July 2012


Push Press : Work up to 3 rep max


7 Rounds:
100m Shuttle (50 Out, 50 In)
5 Push-Presses (75% 3 rep max hit)
*Rest 30s & Repeat

Notes: Have fun.  Post comments.  With the snatch work yesterday take notice of how the shoulders feel.  If you feel any pain, weakness in the joint, or “funny” stuff going on take it easy and just do the shuttles to 10 rounds with no additional movements.


3 Responses to “WHITEBOARD – 3 July 2012”
  1. bmaguire says:

    220# x3 (PR)

    165# x5 for 6 rounds, round 7 185X5

  2. Dedik says:

    Pretty satisfying day all around.

    Worked on the snatch in between warm up sets of Push Press. Hit 185# and caught 190# but couldnt come up out of the hole with it. First sign that shoulder is healing.


    200#x3 (might be a 3 rep PR)

    150×5 for six rounds. No misses or drops.

    All in all a very encouraging day for the shoulder rehab.

  3. kevineleven says:

    200# x 3 ( 5 lb PR )
    WOD complete -150#

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