WHITEBOARD – 1 December 2011





2 Rounds of:

1 Rope Climb
200m Row
2 Rope Climbs
400m Row

Notes: Have fun. Try to think of the climbs as accessory strength work. Go legless or a lighter wrap if you can.

8 Responses to “WHITEBOARD – 1 December 2011”
  1. Brennan says:

    Weighted pull up? And if so, strict or kipping?

  2. Dara aka PopTart says:

    Why all the focus on pulling movements all week? Do you have a side deal with Dr. Mat?

  3. The Champ! says:

    45.70.75 x 3
    80.90.100 x 1


    * Both rounds of 2 rope climbs was done no legs without coming off the rope.

    time to raise the bar fellas, the champ is feeling better.

  4. kemm says:

    85#, failed 95#


    * Beat Kramli

  5. Kevin Olds says:

    45 55 70 x 3
    80 90(1f) 90

    WOD : 11:22 ( kept track of the time waiting for rower but not actually intended for rest. Actual clock time was 12:50 )

    * one round of 2 rope climbs was done no legs without coming off the rope

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