WHITEBOARD – 31 May 2011


Overhead Squat 

*Work up to 2 rep max, and then complete 3 sets of 4 at 75% of the max load w/ 1 sec pause at bottom.


10 Rounds of:

  • 20m Shuttle Run (10m out 10m back)
  • 5 Clapping Push-ups
  • 10 Overhead Ball Slams
  • 30s rest

Notes: Go over to the Athlete of the Month page for the write-up for April (Susan Croce!).  Give her write-up a read for a little inspiration. Athlete of the Month

Don’t have a good overhead squat? Well, it is most likely due to range of motion issues. There isn’t many more movements in our repertoire that will test flexion or extension in as many major joints as the overhead squat does (shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles). If you have restriction in one of those systems it can throw off your movement pattern. Remember we have a great resource in Mat Lentine available to the gym. The mobility WOD is great, but if you still can not perform an overhead squat with significant weight (over 100% bodyweight), you either need to check Mat out or get stronger.

12 Responses to “WHITEBOARD – 31 May 2011”
  1. Dedik says:

    So is this a lesson in “Never mention to Dana that we haven’t done something in a really long time for fear of him working it into a really painful wod on the day of your first softball game.”??

    If so, noted. 🙂

  2. o/h squat 200×2

    wod check

  3. grzm (Michael) says:

    o/h squat 2 × 115#
    skipped 3 rounds @75%
    WOD check, 16# wall ball, did clapping for first 5 rounds, straight second 5 rounds.

  4. Kevin Olds says:

    135# x 2
    100# x 4 x 3

    WOD 20# ball – check

  5. kemm says:

    135 or 145, depending on whether the depth was low enough on the 145
    Skipped sets of 4
    wod done

  6. Dedik says:

    195×2 (10# 1 rep PR)

    skipped 3 sets of 4

    Wod complete with 20# ball

    400m cool down run trying to break in new running shoes.

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