WHITEBOARD – 1 March 2011


4 rounds of:


  • Deadhang Chin-up (*Load with 50% 1-rep max load or perform strict Inverted Rows for sub)
  • Deadlift (70% 1-rep max)

Notes: The loads for the chin-up and deadlift are not meant to be easy.  The set of 5 for each round should be challenging.  If you do not have a deadhang perform strict inverted rows. 

Level of difficulty for inverted rows (least to most)=

With feet under you < planked < planked with elevated feet

8 Responses to “WHITEBOARD – 1 March 2011”
  1. Brennan says:

    40# db and 275# DL 19:48

  2. 14:06
    55# db and 290# dead

  3. Dedik says:


    BW chin up
    290# dead

    1st round as RX’d

    2-4 I had to sub chin ups for elevated, planked, inverted rows.

    • Dedik says:

      even after 25 minutes of stretching afterwards, my back is still tightening up pretty good. Tonight and tomorrow am should be fun.

  4. grzm says:

    235#, inverted rows (first 3 did actual unweighted chinups! woot!)

  5. kemm says:



  6. Kevin Olds says:


    50# Chin-up 340# deadlift for first 2 rounds, 275# for rounds 3 and 4

    had to scale it back midway through and take @ 10 min rest due to lower back issues. Supposed to be seeing Dr. Matt sometime next week, hopefully he can help me get past this.

  7. Robin says:

    145# elevated /inverted / plank rows. Towards the end no elevation.

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