WHITEBOARD – 30 January 2016


A1. Tuck-Up: 3 sets of 15*
A2. Stiff Legged Windmill – 5 Reps each side

B1. Parallette Push-ups: 3 sets of 10**
B2. Wrist Conditioning: 30s Hold of first 3 stretches in video + 10 Wrist push-ups at 1:00 Minute mark

C1. Strict Dumbbell Bench Press: Build to a set of 10, deload to 85-90% and hit for 6 sets of 5 ***

*Tuck-up to be performed much slower than video sample.

**Also, take a look at How to do a proper push-up: Gymnasticbodies

***The max set shouldn’t be a true max. You should have 2-3 reps in you, as we will build to a true 10 rep max in the next 4 week block.


5 Rounds of: 

3 Minute AMRAP: 
10 Deck Squats
10 Plank Wall Taps
10 Kettlebell Deadlifts (100/75lb)

*Rest 1 minute and repeat


Shoulder Flex Pull: A static hold – 2-3 sets of 30s
*If you can not grip a plate behind you due to mobility, start with a PVC bar with a light weight on it.  Do NOT go heavy on this. You want your shoulder blades retracted throughout the movement. This is for flexibility, it shouldn’t be done at maximum effort.

One Response to “WHITEBOARD – 30 January 2016”
  1. dedikdrfc says:

    Cat/Cow: 10
    Parallette Push-ups: 4×8
    Wrist Conditioners Series

    Standing Press:
    1×10: 142
    8×3: 130

    Standing One Arm Vertical Press w/DB: 40#
    Tricep Pressdowns: 70#

    Inverted Cat : 90s
    Supine Shoulder Extension: 90s

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