WHITEBOARD – 09 January 2017


A1. Tuck-Up: 4 sets of 12*
A2. Stiff Legged Windmill – 5 Reps each side

B1. Parallette Push-ups: 4 sets of 10
B2. Wrist Conditioning: 30s Hold of first 3 stretches in video + 10 Wrist push-ups at 1:00 Minute mark

*Tuck-up to be performed much slower than video sample.

*Also, take a look at How to do a proper push-up: Gymnasticbodies


8 Rounds:
300m Row
10 Planked Wall Taps
10 Side-to-Side Squats
25s Bar Hang


Shoulder Flex Pull: A static hold – 2-3 sets of 30s
*If you can not grip a plate behind you due to mobility, start with a PVC bar with a light weight on it.  Do NOT go heavy on this. You want your shoulder blades retracted throughout the movement. This is for flexibility, it shouldn’t be done at maximum effort.

2 Responses to “WHITEBOARD – 09 January 2017”
  1. dedikdrfc says:

    4×10 Parallete Pushups

    Worked up max bench.

    230 and then watched Brian do reps with weight over my lifetime max.

  2. dedikdrfc says:

    Stiff Legged Windmill
    Wrist Conditioning

    8 Rounds:
    300m Row
    10 Planked Wall Taps
    10 Side-to-Side Squats
    25s Bar Hang


    Shoulder Flex Pull

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