WHITEBOARD – 22 April 2016

Movement Prep:

1a.Straddle Reverse Leg Lift: 4 sets of 3r
1b.Standing Weighted Oblique Stretch: 30s each side

2a: Negative Hanging Leg Lift: 4 sets of 3r
2b: Jefferson Curl Hold – 30s

**Straddle Reverse Leg Lift: Skip to 0:44 for demo of a scaled version

**Oblique Stretch: Instead of reps, like we have been doing, hold the dumbbell to the side and hold in the deep side arch. Let the oblique open and do not let the opposite foot come off the ground.

***Leg Lift – If you can’t do this with control and full compression, modify to 1/2 hanging leg lift or 1/2 tuck hanging leg lift.

****Jefferson Curl Hold, is similar to the Oblique Stretch. Curl yourself into the deep position of the Jefferson curl and hold it for 30s. You will use a lighter weight than you most likely did for the reps. Think about squeezing the quads in the low part to keep legs straight and try to get the chest to thighs/knees.


Turkish Get-up:

*Workup to heavy double on each side. Deload to 80% and perform two more sets.

Conditioning/Muscle Endurance: 

8 Rounds: 
5 Burpees
25m Sled Push (1/2 bw)
5 Dumbell Stiff Legged Deadlifts-to hang power cleans-to push press (1 DB = 25% max press)
*Rest 20s and repeat

One Response to “WHITEBOARD – 22 April 2016”
  1. kevineleven says:

    Won’t be doing the getups any time soon and had to skip prehab yesterday due to time constraints.
    WOD: untimed 115# sled and 45# DBs

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