WHITEBOARD – 17 August 2015

Movement Prep:

1a. Side Twists: 4 sets of 30r
1b. Hip Swivels: 10 (5 each way)

*For the Side Twists, keep your heels on the ground. Arms are straight and you want to return the DB to above chest height inbetween reaching for ground.

**Hip Swivels are what they sound like. Standing shoulder width apart driver your hips back and swivel them front to back in a circular motion trying to open the hip throughout. It looks like an exaggerate hula hoop movement.

2a: Tuck ups: 4 sets of 15
2b: Windmill – 5e side

*Notice the tuck ups are done with control. You should be able to pause for a second at the top where your knees are fully tucked into your chest. SLOW is the name of the game

**For the windmill pick a weight that you can control. Straight arm is the key with straight legs. Don’t push the weight or go too fast where the weight moves away from being centered and controlled.

3a: Deck Squats: 4 sets of 15
3b: Skier Squats: 10

*If you do not have the mobility to perform deck squats, work on third world squat holds for 4 sets of 30s. Try to relax and let the spine deload in the bottom

***Skier Squats will not be to parallel unless you are very flexible. It will most likely be 1-2 inches above parallel

Strength Work:

Back Squat
*1 set of 5 at 85% max

**MAX REP set. Once you hit 8 reps keep going for additional reps if you have it.


3 Cycles of:

250m Row


2 sets of:
5 Ring Chin-Ups
10 DB Good Mornings

*Use ~ 15% max barbell back squat for good mornings. It should be 1 DB held at the chest
**Rest 45s and repeat for 3 full cycles

3 Responses to “WHITEBOARD – 17 August 2015”
  1. kemm says:

    267.5# x 8

    45# on second set

  2. dedikdrfc says:

    Did a fair bit of the pre-hab work

    Back Squat:

    60# DB for Good mornings
    Barbell chin ups

  3. grzm says:

    movement prep:
    * subbed third-world squats for deck squats,
    * 20# kettle bell for windmills,
    * subbed 5 tuck ups for 15

    back squat 9 × 175# (did 10, but depth wasn’t good on one)
    did 1 × 225#, max so far since back at the gym. Did full squat, back was pretty straight. felt good

    * subbed 3 × inverted rows with rings in chin-up position for half, then 3 × assisted chin-ups with 100# assist.

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