WHITEBOARD – 06 August 2015


Movement Prep:

A1.Pseudo Planche Push-up : 5 sets of 6
A2.Xiapeng Forward: 5 reps

* If you do not have a proper lean on your planche perform strict push-ups. If you do not have a push-up elevated the hands and do that. VERY controlled

**Arm should not bend at all in the Xiapeng forward. You should rotate at the waits like the demo and the bicep should pass right by the ear in the example. Pace is the same throughout the movement.

B1.Elevated Ring Rows: 5 sets of 6
B2. Bent Twisting Lat Stretch – 10 reps

*If you can not get the ring to the chest on the elevated ring row, go to feet on ground, or rings higher and the angle of the body greater to the ground.

*Perform the bent twisting lat stretch by grabbing the ballet bar with a shoulder width overhang grip. Fold at the waist until the chest is parallel to the ground. You should feel a minor stretch in the lats and then twist opening the chest side to side.

Strength Work:

Power Clean + Hang Clean (1+1) – 5 sets of 2 at ~ 77.5%

*Please note that the first clean is caught in a power and then the hang clean is a full clean. You should ride it down to a squat.


50 Meter Sled Push (115/75)
10 Walking Lunges (w/a 45 or 25lb plate punched overhead)

*Rest 30s and repeat for 8 rounds

Notes: Enjoy

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