WHITEBOARD – 09 July 2015


Movement Prep:

1a. Straddle Hollow Body Hold: 3 sets of 12s holds
1b. Table Rock: 5r after each set of 1a.

*If you can not bring your thoracic spine off the ground go to the same movement but with your feet on the ground under your knees.

**For the table rock make sure you press the hips all the way up at the top and feel your chest open to the ceiling. You will have a stretch in your biceps at the top.

2a: Plank: 3 sets of 12s
2b: Straddle Reverse Hyper – 10

*The video is for a plank walk, not a stationary plank but it does a nice job of demonstrating what a proper plank looks like. You should have protracted (slightly rounded upper back) shoulders, up on your toes, thighs together, straight arms, and have the chest swept over the hands a good amount.

**For the straddle reverse hypers you can perform these on the brown glute ham machine. I would prefer your toes to be pointed out and a better straddle than the demo video. Your glutes will be on the top as well as your hip flexors.

3a: Jefferson Curl:  3 sets of 10

*Pick a light weight to start. Stand tall at the top of the movement and initiate it by curl down the spine on vertebra at a time. You think about rounding them down from the top of the spine to the bottom. This should be VERY controlled. If your pacing varies throughout go lighter or with no weight at all.

Strength Work:

Power Clean w/o hook grip: 4 sets x 5 reps at ~65%

*Please note percentage is based on max clean not max power clean


4 Rounds of:

30s Wallball (20/14)
30s Ball slams (20/14)
Rest 30s Rest


4 Rounds of:

30s Wallball (20/14)
30s Full Extension Kettlebell Swings  (55/35lbs)
Rest 30s

Notes: Again, this workout shouldn’t be more than 60m of work. With a general 10 minute warm-up, you should do section 1 in 15 minutes, section 2 in 15 and the last in 10. That leaves 10 minutes for breaking down and setting up for the next movements.

If you find that the workouts are getting too long please post and let me know. The workouts need to be convenient and fit into everyone’s’ lives for them to work.

2 Responses to “WHITEBOARD – 09 July 2015”
  1. Pull + No Hook / No Feet Snatch (2+2) – 4 sets at 95 kilos
    Front Squat w/ 3sec pause on all first reps – Build to a single at 150k and backed off 126x4setsx2reps

    Ab work and back work to finish

  2. Kevin Olds says:

    175# cleans
    Prehab and WOD complete.

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