BLACKBOARD – 10 December 2014


A1. Deadlift:

*Bump up 10-20lbs depending on total deadlift from last week

6 sets of 1


On the minute for 20 Minutes
35 Double-Unders (Even Numbered minutes)
15 Kettlebell Swings (Odd Numbered Minutes)

*If you can’t finish the work within the minute with a little bit of a cushion lower the volume just enough. The perfect balance allows you to hit 30s of work hard and get about 30-20s of rest.

Notes: Enjoy

2 Responses to “BLACKBOARD – 10 December 2014”
  1. AM:

    Hand Clean: Worked up to a max for the day: 342 (PR). This about wrecked me so I took it easy from there and did some light squats and strict presses.

    Deload week next week.

  2. Dara says:

    sub max set doubles then remainder of 30s was singles
    55# KB swing to chest
    got to minute 16 then tore a huge callus off my palm and couldn’t really grip anything

    spent 3 minutes in third world squat

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