WHITEBOARD – 15 September 2014


A. Back Squat: 5×5
*Same as last week.  Did you bump it up?


B1. 4 Rounds:
100m Sled Push (180/100lbs)
10 Pistols
10 Glute-Ham Back Hip Extensions (Top of hip hanging off pad 2-3 inches)


3 Rounds of:
36s Plank Hold (Exaggerate shoulder forward and protracted – Rounded upper back)
36s Hollow Body Hold (No Rock – If difficult and spine leaves ground please scale down to a tucked hollow hold. Feet on ground under knees.

Squats. We went up last week if you felt well.  I know a lot of people are all over the map with these.  It is basic, if you have felt good and your current goals align with pushing the weight up, increase the weight.  If not, keep low or message me.

2 Responses to “WHITEBOARD – 15 September 2014”
  1. Dara says:

    Hotel. Did some crazy leg superset workout from Pinterest. And some crazy 20 min hill running thing from Pinterest.

    Not sure which is worse – Pinterest or Dana

  2. dedikdrfc says:

    Back Squat:
    205x5x5 (kept this pretty light but still got the work in)

    4 Rounds
    200# Thruster
    25m 135# Sled Push
    150m run
    25m 135# Sled Pull
    1 minute rest

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