BLACKBOARD – 27 August 2014


A1. Bench Press: 5 Sets of 5
*Look to a hold same load as last week across working sets.


B1. 4 rounds of: 
2 Minute Row (65% effort)
10 Weighted Jefferson Curls (On a box:
40s Bar Hang (Shift weight from arm to arm)
75s BW Squat hold (You can have a rounded back – try to REST in this position)
C1. Mobility! 

Notes: B1 is done to recover and make sure we are moving appropriately.  For the jefferson curls pick a weight that is not challenging but enough to pull the spine down when fully flexed.  This should feel therapeutic.

One Response to “BLACKBOARD – 27 August 2014”
  1. Dara says:

    did the squats, 4×5 then 1×10
    definite improvement in the motion. not shooting the hip back as much

    bench 5×5
    which is a heavier load than last week

    several biological systems issues including messed up shoulder so finished up with some easy interval runs and then a massage

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