BLACKBOARD – 16 May 2014


A1. Deadlift:

Set 1: 75% (1 Rep Max) x 2 Reps
Set 2-9: 70% (1 Rep Max) x 3 Reps

*90s Rest inbetween sets


B1. 8 Rounds of:
100m Shuttle
5 Barbell Thrusters (50% max thruster)

*Rest 60s inbetween sets

Notes:  Part of this power phase is an emphasis on the deadlift. Along with hang work on the clean & snatch each week you will see deadlift work every Friday for 10 weeks.  Monday, Thursday, and Friday are the crux of this program right now.  Make sure you hit those workouts.  If you don’t stay consistent these type of programs (percentage work) don’t pan out.  We want a 20lb jump at the end of this.

For the deadlift, use your 1 rep max to calculate all percentages.  This cycle is designed to have a cushion based on your PR weight. I know we haven’t hit the PR deadlifts in awhile, but I would urge everyone to use their lifetime max (if within the last 1-2 years) and healthy.

I would put a timer to beep every 100s for the deadlifts.  If you do this, you will be done all sets in 15 minutes.

For those doing the hotel thing, I would recommend using today as a recovery day and hitting the deadlifts tomorrow (Saturday if you are back in).  If you are traveling, I would recommend building your training around the deadlift days and using the rest as supplemental work.  Don’t kill yourself.



2 Responses to “BLACKBOARD – 16 May 2014”
  1. Deadlift: 375×2, 350x3x8sets

    Second Part: Done w/Kramli at 135lbs.

    Felt good, especially since I had a back pull yesterday. Mobilization works wonders

  2. Dara says:

    162#x2; 150#x3x8

    sub 100m row
    50# thrusters

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