WHITEBOARD – 24 March 2014


A1. Back Squat – 4 sets of 6 (77.5% 1 Rep Max)


A2. 3 Rounds of: 
12 Pistols (Each side)
Max Set Straight Bar Dips
*Rest 90-120s between rounds.  Very controlled Step-ups & failure on dips once speed  form deviate slightly.  


B1. 2 Rounds of (1 minute at each station): 
Wallball (20/14)

KB Swing (Full Extension – 55/35)
Air Squat to Box Jump (24/20”) W/STEP DOWN

Notes: When building up to your working sets for the squats do NOT do sets of 6 on all of your warm-up sets.  Conserve your energy to hit the working sets appropriately.

For section A2. this is meant to be strength building.  The pistols are very controlled with an eye towards keeping the knee on top of the foot and controlling the negative down (step down).  B1, is your conditioning.  Have fun with that.

The Air Squat to Box Jump is meant to be done with control.  DO NOT jump down.  Jump up and then step down, alternating legs you come down first with.  Try to control your landing so you stack your body in a 1/4 squat position.  The faults for a squat (knee outside of foot), balance away from glutes, and overarching apply here as well.  Just because you are jumping doesn’t mean you can abandon proper positions.

4 Responses to “WHITEBOARD – 24 March 2014”
  1. Dara says:

    This hasn’t happened in a while.
    fail on rep 3, first set at 135#

    Called it a day and came home. I will be taking a few extra rest days this week.

  2. LT says:

    Snatch + hang snatch up to 90
    3 hang power cleans + Jerk up to 125
    HB back squat up to 143×5

  3. LT was a beast with the clean complex.

    Squats 315x4setsx6reps

    A2. – Done (15,15,10) – Shoulder felt funny

    B1. – Done. I forgot how horrible conditioning work is. Humbling I would say.

  4. dedikdrfc says:

    This was evil.

    A1. Back Squat:
    310×2 sets. 300×2 sets.

    Done. Dip reps: 4-7-7

    Burpees: 15-13
    Wall Balls: 25-25

    KB Swings: 25-20
    Air Squat Box Jump: 14-16

    Reiterating the evil.

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