WHITEBOARD – 03 March 2014


A1. Back Squat:  1 Rep Max.  Go for PR if you feel good.

B1. 5 Rounds:
20 Wallballs
10 Push-ups

Notes: Good luck, rest as much as you need while building up to a max. This week caps the end of a cycle and we are finishing up our testing (last week had max clean & snatch) and this week will have squat and press.  We will be seeing lighter volume conditioning work at the end of workouts as well.


7 Responses to “WHITEBOARD – 03 March 2014”
  1. LT says:

    HBBSquat up to 155×5
    Rack Split jerk up to 137×2

  2. dedikdrfc says:


    Felt good to break the 400 mark. In 2.5 years I went from 312 – 402. So happy.

    Wod: Apparently i tweaked something in my groin. Did one round and stopped.

  3. Kevin Olds says:

    410# ( 5# PR )
    WOD complete. Quads on fire.

  4. Dara says:

    Wow. I gotta figure out how to squat with you guys more. Congrats

    San Mateo hotel gym, goblet squats and push ups

  5. LT says:

    Nice job guys!

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