A “Why”

Hello Everyone,

Initially this blog was a place for me to put down some ramblings and communicate to you all.  As the community grew and evolved it turned into a posting ground for the workouts.  The problem with this change is that I have stopped having a medium to communicate to you all.  As many of you know I have slowly removed myself from a lot of coaching hours and I have less impact on athletes as I did before.  Maybe these writings are a a selfish endeavor to feel l as if I can still cause a positive change in some.  Nevertheless of the motivation here it goes.

I don’t remember the direct quote, but I remember reading about a designer talk about how good design captures that 1% that truly matters about the topic/item.  The essence, or the core of the issue that is true to what they are presenting and really only true to that thing.  One of the biggest weaknesses I see is that people act as if they are in a boat lost at sea. 

There needs to be a universal theme, goal, or essence that permeates all of your work.  Why are you doing this program, why are you doing this movement, why are you executing that movement the way you are, and why are you deciding to dedicate this moment in time to this?

To ask these questions all at once can be a burdening task.  If each question is viewed as a different rabbit hole than you will be searching your lifetime just to answer one of them.  But, remember we are looking at commonality.  Something that will give a “Why” to all that we do.

Clare Boothe Luce as quoted by Daniel Pink, in Drive stated that “A great man [woman] is one sentence”.  This statement was said to John F. Kennedy, and she was stating that all great presidents could be summed up in key achievements.  Obviously we all are not Abraham Lincoln or Roosevelt, but we all have a chance to feel at peace with what we do with this shot at life.  I highly recommend that you try and find your sentence.  Focus it not in past achievements, or future results; make it present in the actions, thoughts, and emotions that will always drive you.

As an example below is my original mission statement for Beyultraining.  It can be viewed as that “one sentence” that captures this community:

To develop a community that fosters self-determined individuals that strive for a purpose that empowers themselves as well as captivates those around them; this is achieved through the instruction and execution of thoughtful physical exertion which provides immediate feedback on skill, the character of the athlete, and their life.

Once you have your sentence your training will fall in place.  It doesn’t mean things get easy, or that failures don’t came as they did before, but it allows for not just the successes but the failures to drive you forward.  When you know who you are and what you are sailing towards, a failure is a reminder of the step that needs to occur, not a deterrent.   Failures will piss you off, don’t get me wrong.  But, they stoke a fire that fuels you, not a fire that consumes you.

Every time I step over the bar for a lift that I have a moment of doubt about, I repeat the following quote:

The greatest weapon on earth, is the human soul on fire. – Ferdinand Froch

It works for me, good luck finding what works for you.

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  1. […] our post from last week talking about “A Why – https://beyultraining.com/2014/02/21/a-why/”?  The reason for what you are doing needs to drive all work.  We won’t delve into this […]

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