WHITEBOARD – 28 January 2013


Build up to a heavy single in the following barbell complex:

A1. 2 Snatch Pulls + 1 Hang Snatch

Deload to 80% and hit the following for 3 sets:

A2. 1 Snatch Pull + 2 Hang Snatches


3 Rounds:

KB Swings (100/70lbs)

Weighted Chin-up (Approximately 1/5 of 1 rep max load)


3 Minutes of Max Burpees

Notes:  We learn at an early age how to jump properly.  The pic of the day is my little girl mid air after striking a jump in gymnastics.  Notice the open hip without a break in the lumbar or thoracic.  She has a neutral head position and shoulder girdle.  There is a rebend of the knees because she is on her decent.  But, what I want you to realize is that the extension found in olympic lifting, burpees, jump-ropes, and jumping are mirrors of each other.  Want to be athlete?  Learn to master your movement.

Ella_Full Extension

6 Responses to “WHITEBOARD – 28 January 2013”
  1. Thomas Gallen says:

    What can I do with a broken toe?

    • In general? Anything not standing really; hanging pulls & pushes, ab movements/gymnastic progressions, seated and floor presses, back extensions, and quad extensions (VMO intensive).

  2. Dara says:

    80# complex. missed the hang at 85#, not under the bar fast enough. PR hang snatch
    65# deload

    WOD 60# KB, blue band chin ups

    37 burpees.

  3. Power Snatch: worked up to 232. 3lbs off of lifetime PR. Took awhile as I worked up to 215, felt back and dropped back to 155 to work up again.

    Snatch Pull + Bar Oscillations (225, 315, 335)

    Max 3 Minute set of Burpees: 56

  4. Kevin Olds says:

    Complex : 185# – drop sets 145#
    Wod Completed 100# swings 20# chinups 37 Burpees

  5. Dedik says:

    Did some snatch work with the group to loosen some muscles. Last night at rugby crossfit:

    5×3 rep backsquat: 315

    4×6 rep strict press: 135

    150 kb swings (1.5 pood)
    50 toes to bar

    break up as needed. I did 10 sets of 15/5. Done in 14:05

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